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A consulting firm dedicated to helping you manifest all your business needs. We know that talking to a consultant can be scary, but our goal is to bridge that gap by creating a welcoming environment so that our clients feel comfortable with sharing their dreams and goals with us.

Tell A Lawyer Consulting Group specializes in all aspects of business advisory services, from business formation and contracts to intellectual property. Our firm not only advises businesses,  we also advise entertainers, artist, influencers, designers, and athletes. 

Our extensive experience, knowledge, professionalism, and tailored approach helps us aid in the continued support and success of our clients. We are here to serve in the best interest of all your business needs, from simple to complex issues.

Disclaimer: Tell A Lawyer strictly offers business consulting services. We, therefore, do not represent clients against any claims, or before any court of law under the practice of law. 

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We provide the best service possible to our clients, guaranteeing customer satisfaction at all times. We promote honesty and transparency by keeping you as a client informed about the whole process every step of the way.



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