Why do you need a Business Lawyer?

As a Lawyer we are trained and licensed to practice law to provide you with legal assistance. We will help you understand and simply legal vocabulary. We will make sure that your documents are properly filled out and filed. We help ensure that your business foundation is legally solid.

What you need to know before starting an LLC.

Which State do you want to form your LLC? Who will be the owner and who will manage your LLC? Funding; will I be solo or will I have investors? Have I hired a Lawyer and Accountant? What is your business name?

Why you should file a TRADEMARK?

You are putting the public on notice that you are the owner of the mark. You will have ownership protection. You have the Exclusive rights to use your mark however you want with your goods and services. You can stop others from using your mark.

So you want to start a Business? Did you know…..

You need to make sure that your business is properly formed to do business within the state that you select. Are you offering; products, goods or services? Have you consulted or hired an Accountant or Lawyer? Do you know what an EIN number is? Do you have a Business Account? Have you purchased your domain? Have […]

Why Contracts are essential to your Business?

You want to know one of the quickest ways to not only lose your business but to also waste funds that you could be using to build and protect your business? Don’t get it in WRITING. Contracts offer Legal Protection. Contracts lay out the nature of the relationship. Contracts lay out the expectations between parties.  Contracts reduce […]